TRENDnet 500 Mbps Compact Powerline Ethernet AV Adapter

TRENDnet 500 Mbps Compact Powerline Ethernet AV AdapterI have been having trouble with the WiFi connection between the DVD player in the master bedroom and the WiFi router in the study. The rooms are just down the hallway from each other, but there is a bathroom and lots of walls between the DVD player and switch.

The trouble was most noticeable when streaming Netflix movies over the connection. The DVD player would often recalibrate the connection with Netflix and the movie quality was typically poor. I read online that a good replacement for poorly performing wireless Ethernet was the┬áTRENDnet 500 Mbps Compact Powerline Ethernet AV Adapter. These adapters transmit and receive Ethernet over your house’s electrical wiring. You plug them into nearby electrical sockets and attach Ethernet cable between the adapter and the Ethernet-capable device. I do not know how they work if the electrical sockets are on different circuits in your circuit breaker panel, but they are working great for my situation. Netflix streaming is now always HD quality. I have seen a few reports about poor reliability on Amazon. I have only had the adapters for a week, but so far am pleasantly surprised.

There does appear to be a small problem with the adapters. They put out a very high-frequency sound. I cannot hear it, nor can my wife, but our son can hear it and it bothers him when he is in the same room with an adapter. I will have to put a wall socket box cover around the adapters to damp the high-frequency noise.

I would recommend these adapters to anyone who is experiencing poor WiFi signal quality due to too many walls, mirrors, etc., between their Ethernet transmitter and receiver.