CSA Engineering Has Been Purchased

On May 1, 2008, CSA Engineering, Inc., became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Moog, Inc. Moog specializes in precision actuators, as well as control systems. Moog makes military and commercial aircraft flight controls, satellite positioning controls, controls for positioning gun barrels and automatic ammunition loading for military combat vehicles, controls for steering tactical and strategic missiles, and thrust vector controls for space launch vehicles.

It will be interesting times ahead. They have told us that they will not make major changes to the structure of CSA, but our president, Conor Johnson, will be retiring in a year or so. Another co-founder and vice-president, Dave Keinholz, will not be far behind.

CSA will continue to work with our existing customer base as before. We will also continue to go after commercial and military contracts on our own. But Moog apparently has need for our engineering expertise in damping, isolation, and the control systems that CSA has developed and sells. We have heard good stories about working as a subsidiary of Moog from other Moog acquisitions. I was impressed with the facility and the people I met when I visited Moog’s Chatsworth facility.

I have my fingers crossed.